We are also adding more pages for information on each individual horse. This gives everyone more information if they wish to purchase a foal from us or if they are wanting to get a foal in utero or a custom breeding. More pictures and information will come with time; we intend to make something of an informational database about the different bloodlines so everyone can learn something about the breeds we work with.

We have four horses currently listed for sale: two are foals we have bred, but two are started under saddle. Stay tuned for more information about them as we fill up the pages on our site!

We are also thrilled to announce that we are starting a not-for-profit classical riding school with Wright Tempo School of Equestrian Arts! If you want to enjoy the training benefits of classical dressage but don’t have the means to, you can apply for scholarships through WTS. If you are also looking for volunteer opportunities, we have plenty through WTS! Please check us out at www.wrighttemposchool.com