We are thrilled to be re-developing some of our programs! Stay tuned as we continue growing and developing

Equestrian Programs

Phoenix Riders

Wholeness through Horses

We are currently creating a program that introduces at-risk youth, veterans, victims of human trafficking, and more to horses through classical riding. This program offers hope, healing, and wholeness to participants through a series of weekend and week-long retreats using horses as a gateway to finding their life’s purpose and a chance to “rise out of the ashes.” Those who fall in love with classical riding, like we have, will have an opportunity to explore classical riding in depth and develop skills for career paths and advancement.

Certification Program

Another program we are creating is a tiered certification system for grooms, riders, and trainers. This will allow for our students to be certified and prepared for becoming professionals in the equine industry.


We are also setting up the Karl Mikolka Memorial Fund, a scholarship for continuing the education of talented riders passionate about classical riding. This scholarship will allow riders and program participants to have access to more intensive educational opportunities.

Environment and Agriculture

Tenacious Acres restorative agricultre

Part of our classical philosophy is that we need to not only help horses and riders become their best, but we also need to take care of our environment. Tenacious Acres is a restorative agriculture program geared toward education in sustainable agriculture practices, including using partner animals for weed and parasite control, agroforestry, permaculture, and other gardening techniques. We prefer to use endangered and heritage breeds and varieties, such as San Clemente Island Goats and Tufted Roman Geese.