Internship Programs

We have internship programs for those who wish to get more involved. The short-term program is the Practicant Program, which is a condensed version of the longer-term Élève Program. There are three month and six month options available for first-time Practicants and a one month tune up option for those who’ve been students or practicants before.

The Élève program is open to those who are looking to stay for a year or longer with the intent of becoming classical riding instructors, whether they stay here or move on to their own facilities.

Interns in both these programs are responsible for the regular farm chores as well as assisting with starting young horses or assisting with the training of horses that may require an extra set of hands (such as with introducing them to longeing, work in-hand, or long-reins). We have limited on-site accommodations available with more coming soon.

You do not have to be an accomplished rider nor have extensive experience to become an intern, so don’t be afraid to apply if you meet the other requirements but have little (if any) dressage experience!

Minimum Requirements:

  • 18 Year or older

  • basic working knowledge of horses (grooming, leading)

  • able to ride basic walk, trot, canter

  • a great work ethic and a passion for classical riding

Sponsorships and Donations

There are various sponsorship opportunities, such as sponsoring an individual horse, an individual rider, an event, or a special project. If you do choose to sponsor us, we will honor your sponsorship through online and live marketing, such as tee-shirts, banners, and regular shout-outs to thank you for your support.

Check out our profile on GuideStar. You can also support us by signing up with Amazon Smile and adding us as your chosen charity to support us through every Amazon purchase without extra expenses on your end. Donations are tax-deductible, as we are a registered 501c3 non-profit. If you’d like your donation to go somewhere specific in our programs, let us know, and we’ll honor your request!

Financial Support

Choose one of our horses to support and contribute to their regular upkeep! Your contribution goes directly to help us provide the best of care to this individual horse, and in return, you’ll get regular email updates about this horse and get regular shout-outs in our updates.

Contact us for more information.


We are so grateful for the volunteers that come out to help! Volunteers help us in many of our projects, from updating some of the facility to general maintenance to helping at events. We have several different opportunities available for various skill sets. Please contact us for more information!

Projects in the Works:


Karl H. Mikolka Memorial Scholarship- A scholarship for continuing the education of talented riders passionate about classical riding. This scholarship will allow certain riders to participate in intensive training periods here as well as in clinics with classical.

Interested in starting a scholarship in honor of a classical riding master to help with the education of the next generation? Send us a message!

Steeds for Soldiers (in development)

Steeds for Soldiers is a project geared toward helping military veterans and active duty members of the armed forces. Structured as a series of weekend retreats as well as a special six-month internship, it is geared toward helping soldiers cope with PTSD by giving them a new purpose through classical horsemanship.

Operation Xena (in development)

Operation Xena is a project focused on empowering women, particularly victims of abuse and sexual harassment, through classical riding and self-defense. This program will help women develop confidence as well as enable them to defend themselves against dangerous situations through traditional self-defense, classical dressage, and mounted martial arts. It will also be structured as a series of weekend retreats.

…and more coming that we can’t wait to share with you!