One of the things that attracts people the most to classical riding is the body and soul-nourishing qualities of this human-animal connection, both for horses and for people. Recognizing this, we offer and are developing further services to foster this renewal. Some of our services focus on the mind and soul, but others also address the physical element of wellness. We are particularly passionate about helping those who help others, as they often are forgotten and need as much help as those they care for.

PEMF Sessions- Now Offering

PEMF, which stands for Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Frequency, is a wonderful and powerful tool for enhancing the body’s natural healing capabilities by energizing and rehydrating the cells. We have personally experienced wonderful benefits for us and our horses, such as help with healing from injuries and in optimizing athletic performance. Because PEMF provides energy to the body on a cellular level, it can help with a wide range of issues as well as optimize health and wellness. Pulse Certified in both horses and humans, we are offering PEMF both on-site and off-site for horses, people, and small animals (such as dogs and cats). We recommend the hour-long sessions, especially for horses due to their size, but the half-hour sessions are a good economical alternative or adjunct for humans and small animals. To learn more about PEMF, check out We are now offering PEMF sessions offsite and onsite for humans only (onsite for horses coming soon).

Hour Pricing: Half Hour Pricing:
$400 for package of 5 sessions
$200 for a package of 5 sessions
Combined Human & Animal Hour Session: Combined Human & Animal 30min Session:
$160/session $80/session

Meadow Meditation- Now offering

One of the most healing things someone can do is just to “be” in the presence of nature and animals. Putting our own spin on equine-assisted learning (EAL), this kind of mindfulness activity is extremely powerful and beneficial for stress-reduction, confidence-building, team-building, processing traumas, and much more! These sessions are also excellent for equestrians who are looking to improve their energy work with horses. Our lovely horses act as guides for mindfulness and meditation, but for those who are intimidated by their size, our goats and other animals serve in their place. Sessions consist of an hour of facilitated yet free-flowing meditation in a field with the animals, so no two sessions will look alike. We offer discounts for veterans, students, and those in “caretaker” positions,* as so many find themselves pouring from an empty cup. Sessions can be private, semi-private, or in groups, and are facilitated by an EAGALA-trained facilitator. After the session is over, participants are welcome to take more time meditating on their own in one of our many meditation areas, such as Meditation Rock, the Fairy Trail, and more. We are starting with trials for those in “helper” positions, so contact us if you are interested in participating in these preliminary trials!


Single: $70
Pair: $120
Group of 3 or more: $50/person

In Development

We are fundraising for and developing more programs and sessions as well as packages for these. Some of these include:

  • Shinrin-yoku “forest immersion”
  • Lavender labyrinth
  • Private retreat packages
  • Themed retreats for groups of caretakers*
  • Restorative fitness for riding
  • Rider restoration packages
  • Horse rehabilitation packages

*Caretaker positions that qualify for discounts include: healthcare workers (including those in mental health), first responders, veterinary workers, teachers, spiritual leaders/clergy, and agricultural professionals (i.e., farmers and professionals in the equestrian industry). If you are in a similar industry not listed and feel that your industry needs attention and help, please reach out!