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Sharing the art and beauty of classical horsemanship

providing opportunities for excellence through horses

Our mission is to preserve and promote the art of classical horsemanship, rare breeds (particularly the Lipizzan), and regenerative agriculture and to make education in these three areas accessible to all, including at-risk populations such as veterans, at-risk youth, and more.

Tempus Renatus School of Classical Horsemanship (formerly Wright Tempo School of Equestrian Arts) is a small 501(c)(3) non-profit riding school newly moved to Black Mountain, NC close to the Hickory Nut Gap.

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Exciting News!

We have moved to our new place in Black Mountain, NC! Our new location is 10 minutes away from Lake Lure and Chimney Rock, 35 minutes from downtown Asheville, and 20 minutes from downtown Black Mountain. We are so excited to be embarking on the journey of developing our new facilities. We have exciting new plans for a “green” facility that will have more room for audiences at our performances, training retreats, corporate retreats, and more. We are currently powered 100% on solar energy and plan to stay this way as much as possible. It is an enormous task to develop our new facilities, as the property was only bare land with no amenities whatsoever, so the facility photos that are currently on our website are from our previous location and do not represent our Black Mountain facilities just yet. However, we are excited about this process and all the learning experiences it can bring. Learn more about our facility building journey here.

We have just restarted our farm tours! Check out our listing on Airbnb for dates and more information!

We are adding a new service as a photography/videography venue! We are nestled in a lovely valley with rolling meadows, flowing creeks, and an incredible mountain vista, perfect for all kinds of photo sessions. If you are a professional photographer looking for a new venue in the area, please reach out to us about scheduling a time slot.

Please consider supporting us by adding us as a designated nonprofit while you shop on Amazon Smile, donating Hilton Honors points through PointWorthy, or sponsoring one of our new developments. Keep an eye on our social media pages as we post updates on this new development! Sign up below for our newsletter to learn about all of our latest updates first!

Project: Tenacious Acres

Tenacious Acres Restorative Agriculture is our land management project geared toward education in gardening, hydroponics, livestock management, and incorporating all these together in a holistic package that benefits the environment. We’ll be offering workshops and internships in the near future! In the meantime, come learn more at one of our farm tours!

Program: Pheonix Riders

The Phoenix Riders program is a unique program providing a chance for veterans, under-resourced teenagers, victims of human trafficking, and more to start their journey in riding horses. It is a “next step” to bridge the gap between equine-assisted therapy in the first stage and actually starting to ride and learn more about horse management.

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We host several wonderful events, both for entertainment and education. Stay tuned for posted events for farm tours, educational talks, performances, and more!

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