November 2023

Lessons from Unusual Places: the Fibonacci Sequence


Many of my students know when they ride with me, I'm bound to connect physics, math, and other topics in with the riding lesson (because guess what, it's all connected! Don't worry though; the most math you'll have to do is basic arithmetic, even if we talk about calculus). One of my favorite math principles [...]

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July 2022

Biomechanics: What are they and why are they important?


Biomechanics. It sounds fancy and scientific. Trainers say they emphasize biomechanics in their training, but what do they mean? More than that, why should anyone care? Merriam-Webster defines biomechanics as "the mechanics of biological and especially muscular activity," also "the scientific study of this." But what does that mean in practice? For dressage riders and [...]

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April 2022

Lessons from Unusual Places: The Beginnings of All Things


Omnium rerum principia parva sunt- Cicero "The beginnings of all things are small" While this Roman statesman wasn't talking about training horses, this statement is applicable to all walks of life. Everything has a small beginning. Every building begins with one scoop of a shovel. Every great rider was once a child that pointed at [...]

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March 2022

Classical Horsemanship: A Spiritual Practice?


There is something transcendent and indescribable that draws us to horses. Perhaps it is their power, shown through their muscular bodies and thundering hooves, perhaps it is their gentleness in their soft muzzles and large eyes that look into our souls, perhaps it is their beauty in their flowing manes and glistening coats. Perhaps it [...]

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February 2022

Lessons from Unusual Places: “Just Insist”


Several years ago, I was in a voice lesson with an operatic coloratura soprano. (Now, what does voice have to do with riding? A lot, actually, especially if you want to be an instructor without wearing out your voice, but that's another story) I was struggling with a note or a passage in a particularly [...]

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September 2021

The Power of Presence


All of us have been there: our horse is not paying attention or is misbehaving, and as soon as the trainer takes control, the horse completely changes and obeys happily. It's a source of frustration for many horse owners. The trainer doesn't look like they're doing anything special, but the horse completely changes. What happened? [...]

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September 2020

Training Philosophy


What is Classical Dressage? Classical dressage is the centuries-old art of training horses both for the battlefield and for the artistic expression in the royal and imperial courts. This art was developed by observing horses in nature and using their natural movements to develop the horse’s strength and flexibility holistically so that [...]

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