About the San Clemente Island Goat

We are honored to be stewards of the rare San Clemente Island Goat, a critically endangered breed from off the cost of California. The San Clemente Island Goat was discovered on San Clemente Island, though their origins are not completely certain. They have since been removed from the island and are maintained by a small number of passionate breeders around the country. This special breed is a smaller, more deer-like breed with a quiet temperament and beautiful colors. While they are like the Mustang of the goat world, they produce excellent milk with high butterfat content. Their fiber is now now being studied for cashmere quality. Our goats help us maintain the property through “goatscaping.” While they have horns, they are very diligent and sweet-tempered. The bucks famously have large, twisting horns, a gentle disposition, and a much less stinky odor than other breeds. Our flock consists of several different bloodlines, including Rivetti, New Hampshire, and Ahrensberg. We hope to explore some of their different purposes, such as milk and cashmere production. We do have occasional kids for sale, so keep an eye out for updates!