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January 2020

For Sale: Rare Kerry Bog Pony Liam MacBadger


Year: 2016 Height: will be ~11.3h Breeder: Tempus Renatus LLC Price: $2000 Liam is a rare Kerry Bog Pony gelding with the unusual Tobiano gene. He is a sweet, friendly little guy with absolutely no fear. He just loves attention and can't seem to get [...]

For Sale: Rare Kerry Bog Pony Liam MacBadger2020-09-14T20:34:46+00:00

December 2019

6942 Conversano VI-20 “Mila”


Year: 2000 Height: 15.1h Breeder: Topol'cianky, Slovakia Mare Family: Presciana "Mila" is our amazing, wonderful, fantastic lesson mare. With the temperament of an overgrown Golden Retriever, she is a quintessential lesson mare, adapting herself to each rider's level. She is gentle enough for beginners but sensitive [...]

6942 Conversano VI-20 “Mila”2020-01-06T02:44:27+00:00



Year: 2000 Height: 15.1h Breeder: Pine Mountain Lipizzans Mare Family: Capriola Cha-Cha is a phenomenal broodmare and riding horse. She is a blast to compete, a blast to simply ride, and a gentle, loving soul to be around. She produced several amazing foals for Pine Mountain [...]


Evita JC


Year: 2009 Height: 16.1h Breeder: Jane Creagh Bloodine: Alter Real/Veiga/Andrade Offspring: Nella Fantasia Evita is our beautiful Lusitano mare that we specially selected to match with Orfeo. Evita's parents were both imported from Portugal, and she has a wonderful combination of bloodlines. Her color is just icing [...]

Evita JC2020-01-06T02:47:56+00:00



Year: 1995 Height: 15.1h Breeder: Gaston Santos Bloodine: Veiga Offspring: Nella Fantasia (2017), Incitata (2013), Peregrine (2019) Stud Fee: $2000 Orfeo is our senior stallion, originally bred at Rancho La Jarilla by Gaston Santos in Mexico. He was a bullfighting horse for Gaston Santos, Jr., before he [...]


Bresciana “Bresci”


Year: 2001 Height: 14.1h Breeder: Mare Family: Presciana Offspring: Ballesta, Maestoso Bresciana, Belafiamma "Bresci" is one of our best broodmares and a lovely riding horse. She is a quiet, sweet mare with massive, ground-covering gaits despite her little size. She passes on a friendly temperament to her foals [...]

Bresciana “Bresci”2020-01-06T02:53:06+00:00

Bellangela “Bella”


Year: 2013 Height: 15h Breeder: Tempus Renatus LLC Mare Family: Presciana "Bella" is our first home-bred Lipizzan, and she is a magnificent young mare. She has inherited her sire's gentle temperament and most of his looks, but she is loving like her dam, Seraphina. We are just [...]

Bellangela “Bella”2020-01-06T02:54:45+00:00

Belafiamma “Fi”


Year: 2016 Height: predicted 15h Breeder: Tempus Renatus LC Mare Family: Presciana Offspring: N/A "Fi" is our spunky young mare by the BAY Conversano Belamilana, whom we leased for a short time from Waltzing Horse Farm. Fi is a spectacular young mare with brilliant movement and [...]

Belafiamma “Fi”2020-01-06T02:57:29+00:00

Maestoso Bresciana “Tony”


Year: 2015 Height: 15h Breeder: Tempus Renatus LC Mare Family: Presciana Offspring: N/A Stud Fee: $1000 for 2020 (Live foal guarantee) "Tony" is our new young stallion from our late senior Lipizzan stallion, Maestoso Orcia, out of our mare Bresciana. Tony is an exceptional young stallion, [...]

Maestoso Bresciana “Tony”2020-01-06T03:00:35+00:00
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