Our mission begins with the ancient art form of classical riding. From there, it encompasses two more elements:

Wellness Preservation of Living Agricultural History
Classical riding has always prioritized the mental and physical well-being of the horse in training, making it extremely therapeutic to the horses. However, the horses aren’t the only ones who benefit; people also benefit both physically and mentally. We reach one step further and provide targeted wellness programs to those who need it most with our Anima Renova program. Classical riding is a piece of living history in itself, but even more so with the breeds that developed it, such as the Lipizzan. However, we look more broadly as well at how horses have historically been cared for over the years and what historical methods help them to be their best. This has led us to branch into regenerative agriculture as well as preserving other rare breeds with historical significance, such as the Kerry Bog Pony and the American Cream Draft and breeds of other species, such as the San Clemente Island Goat and Kangal Dog.

Nestled in the Hickory Nut Gorge, we are building our new facilities from the ground up, but while we do so, we are already working on the programs we can offer with the infrastructure we have while we develop what we need to completely fulfill our mission.

What’s in a Name?

Tempus Renatus is Latin for “time reborn.” This name came from many inspirations. The first inspiration is a sense of rebirth of bygone times and traditions that live on through classical riding and the heritage breeds that we work with. Another source of inspiration is in the individual animals we have worked with. Many of our foundation animals were rescues at one point or another, whether we rescued them ourselves or acquired them from someone who rescued them initially. They experienced rebirth both through classical riding and through the offspring they produce. Lastly, many of our students, client horses, staff, and program participants who come to us find rebirth, whether they were looking for it or not. We feel that it is our calling to continue to share this experience of renewal with all who cross our path.

What We Do

Services Programs

In order to both spread the art of classical riding as well as earn income to support our programs, we provide several services:

While we are building, we are able to offer these services at minimal or no cost:

  • Educational workshops, targeted and open to the public
  • Targeted Equine-Assited Learning for specific populations*
  • Respite days
  • Internships
  • Scholarships (coming soon)

*detailed on our Anima Renova page

Exciting News!

We have now been in Black Mountain for a whole year! Our new location is 10 minutes away from Lake Lure and Chimney Rock, 35 minutes from downtown Asheville, and 20 minutes from downtown Black Mountain. We are so excited to be embarking on the journey of developing our new facilities. We have exciting new plans for a “green” facility that will give us more capability to fulfill our mission. We are currently 100% off-grid and plan to stay this way as much as possible. It is an enormous task to develop our new facilities, as the property was only bare land when we purchased it, so facility photos that are currently on our website are from our previous location and do not represent our Black Mountain facilities just yet (but are similar to the plans we have). However, we are excited about this process and all the learning experiences it can bring.

We are looking to expand our team! Check out our Jobs and Opportunities page for more information!

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Upcoming Events

Fun & Learning

We host several wonderful events, both for entertainment and education. Stay tuned for posted events for farm tours, educational talks, performances, and more!

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