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The Lusitano is an ancient Portuguese branch of the Iberian horse. They are noble and athletic, still seen used regularly in the bullfighting arena. They excel in dressage, driving, working equitation, and even working cattle. We focus on adhering to the classic type of Lusitano, maintaining the cattle-working instinct while promoting the athleticism needed for the competition arena. Our Lusitanos are gentle and intelligent, and our foundation stock are APSL inspected and inscribed.

Lusitano Stallions


Year: 1995 Height: 15.1h Breeder: Gaston Santos Bloodine: Veiga Offspring: Nella Fantasia (2017), Incitata (2013), Peregrine (2019) Stud Fee: [...]

Lusitano Mares

Evita JC

Year: 2009 Height: 16.1h Breeder: Jane Creagh Bloodine: Alter Real/Veiga/Andrade Offspring: Nella Fantasia Evita is our beautiful [...]


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