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December 2019

6942 Conversano VI-20 “Mila”


Year: 2000 Height: 15.1h Breeder: Topol'cianky, Slovakia Mare Family: Presciana "Mila" is our amazing, wonderful, fantastic lesson mare. With the temperament of an overgrown Golden Retriever, she is a quintessential lesson mare, adapting herself to each rider's level. She is gentle enough for beginners but sensitive [...]

6942 Conversano VI-20 “Mila”2021-04-12T14:49:44+00:00



Year: 2000 Height: 15.1h Breeder: Pine Mountain Lipizzans Mare Family: Capriola Cha-Cha is a phenomenal broodmare and riding horse. She is a blast to compete, a blast to simply ride, and a gentle, loving soul to be around. She produced several amazing foals for Pine [...]


Bresciana “Bresci”


Year: 2001 Height: 14.1h Breeder: Mare Family: Presciana Offspring: Ballesta, Maestoso Bresciana, Belafiamma "Bresci" is one of our best broodmares and a lovely riding horse. She is a quiet, sweet mare with massive, ground-covering gaits despite her little size. She passes on a friendly temperament to her foals [...]

Bresciana “Bresci”2021-04-05T15:00:48+00:00

Bellangela “Bella”


Year: 2013 Height: 15h Breeder: Tempus Renatus LLC Mare Family: Presciana "Bella" is our first home-bred Lipizzan, and she is a magnificent young mare. She has inherited her sire's gentle temperament and most of his looks, but she is loving like her dam, Seraphina. We are [...]

Bellangela “Bella”2021-04-05T15:04:40+00:00

Belafiamma “Fi”


Year: 2016 Height: predicted 15h Breeder: Tempus Renatus LC Mare Family: Presciana Offspring: N/A "Fi" is our spunky young mare by the BAY Conversano Belamilana, whom we leased for a short time from Waltzing Horse Farm. Fi is a spectacular young mare with brilliant movement [...]

Belafiamma “Fi”2021-04-05T15:52:04+00:00


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