November 2019

What Makes a Good Dressage Rider?


It's not about finding the horse of your dreams, it's about being the person of your horse's dreams. -Dressage Instructors Is it long, slender limbs and a short torso? Is it natural talent with uncanny "feel" and athleticism? Does it take starting dressage at an early age to make for a good dressage rider? While [...]

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Developing the Equine Athlete


Personal training is one of the fastest growing businesses out there because of all the help that people need in avoiding muscle imbalances and developing strength and flexibility. All around us, we see gyms and fitness clubs for people to work out at. As someone who is finishing their personal training certification, I feel very [...]

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Rider Rehabilitation


How many of us who ride horses struggle with some joint problem or another? How many of us have managed to get ourselves hurt, either with something horse related or with something anything but? A Need for Injury Rehabilitation Modern society sees somewhere around 80% of the population struggling with back pain, whether they are [...]

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