to the art of classical dressage.

Our vision is to become a center of excellence in classical riding for the Americas. This vision is two-fold in its focus on excellence: performing and education. Our goal is not only to be a place where one can see the art of classical riding and how it pertains to the entire package, including animal husbandry, but also to be a place where people from all backgrounds can come for a solid, systematic education. However, our vision reaches even further than just riding education; we want to change lives so that people who thought they could only dream of being excellent riders can make it a reality, no matter their circumstances.

Our story

Tempus Renatus started with dreams of our founders that arose after watching the old Disney movie “Miracle of the White Stallions.” Ever since that exposure to the Lipizzans and the Spanish Riding School, we wanted to experience that beauty and harmony in our own riding. Starting with horses of various breeds and backgrounds, we stumbled into classical trainers as we looked for ways to help our horses be their best selves, even if they were less-than-perfectly built. When the chance came up to acquire a Lipizzan, it felt like a dream come true.

We started in 2012 as a small breeding/training farm with the hope of making a small impact for Lipizzan breeding and training. However, we came to realize the horses and classical riding had a much greater impact on others than we could have imagined. We also saw how there were few training centers in the US where someone could have intensive training in classical dressage, and there were even fewer chances for people who have the heart but not the resources. Hence, the nonprofit was born in 2017 to help others with passion and love for the art of riding. In June of 2022, we relocated from Raeford, NC to Black Mountain, NC, where we are expanding our outreach and developing new facilities that are ecologically minded and work with the magnificent property we are so blessed to have. It has now grown far beyond our imaginations and continues to surprise us every day. Our new facilities are still in development, and while the process is slow, it is amazing to watch miracles unfold with this new development. Click here to learn more about our building journey.

What we do:

Our primary focus is on the education of classical dressage. Classical riding is an ancient art form, now UNESCO-recognized in its form at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, and has a fascinating history. This education is given to the public through tours, performances, and demonstrations and to dedicated students through lessons, training retreats, internships and more. Closely following that is the preservation of traditional and endangered breeds of horses and other livestock connected to historical riding. We plan to include agritourism in the near future for people to learn about these breeds and this art form as well as eco-friendly agriculture. We are also developing certification programs for future trainers, riders, and grooms.

However, we don’t stop there. We have found that classical riding and its philosophy are restorative in nature, both externally and internally. Simply being in the presence of the horses can have an enormous impact on a person, and with the pressures of life, this healing presence can help people develop mindfulness and find hope. Our goal is to use this to help improve the emotional and physical well-being of those most in need of this support and to provide a chance for them to deepen their education in this area with these magical horses. There is a place for everyone in the art of classical riding, whether it is in riding, stable management, studying biomechanics, and so much more. Our goal is to provide getaways for the most vulnerable people who love horses so they can be renewed and have a chance to start on their new journey with animals.

Why we do it

The biggest reason we do it is for the love of the horse and of nature. It is a natural, beautiful, and unique art that connects two very different species in a dance using nature’s own movements. However, we feel strongly that classical horsemanship has a huge ripple effect. Because it is the foundation to most riding styles, it is an excellent start for people who want to begin their journey with horses. The time-proven methods are healthy for the rider, even with physical challenges, while bringing them to the pinnacle of riding. There are many ways a person can shine in the classical art with their own uniqueness. This makes for a beautifully diverse community united by their passion for horses and nature.

Those same methods are great for the horse too! Many horses that were once deemed “untalented” have blossomed in this kind of training, as it was developed for the less-than-perfect horse. The philosophy goes even further to help the environment around the horse, using holistic and organic methods that support biodiversity and minimize the carbon footprint. Our goal is to be completely green in the near future.

Training Philosophy:

A Classical Dressage Tradition.

Our training philosophy is deeply rooted in the classical tradition. We use centuries-old techniques combined with modern understanding of biomechanics to create well-rounded athletes. We believe that training should enhance the horse and rider so they can fulfil their greatest potential and be able to do so for many years. We incorporate work in-hand, obstacle work, and mounted martial arts to help horses and riders fulfil their goals.

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