to the art of classical Training.

Dedicated to excellence, our goal is to be a high quality center of classical riding and classical horse breeding. We are dedicated to preserve the ancient art of classical riding and are happy to train horses and riders of all backgrounds and breeds. Find out more on our Training and Lessons pages.

Protecting Precious Genetic Diversity:

With Heritage and endangered species.

We use multiple heritage and endangered species to improve our horses’ environment, including Kangal dogs. Our natural methods protect precious genetic diversity, genetic stability, and character. An added benefit of interacting with the heritage breeds and practicing sustainable farming is a healing, restorative experience.

  • Kangal dogs

Quality Products:

Distributers of Dynamite Specialty Feeds.

We use and are distributors of Dynamite Specialty feeds and keep a variety of their products in stock. We are more than happy to discuss this feed and its advantages, as we have about a decade’s worth of experience with their products.

Meet Our Staff

Emily Wright
Director & Head Trainer

Emily has many years experience in classical dressage and has worked with riders from the Spanish Riding School as well as brilliant classical trainers in the US.

More about Emily’s experience
Vanessa Sierocinski
Head Groom

Vanessa helps with far more than just grooming, including assisting in training when more than one person is required, assisting with the vet and farrier, and keeping an eye on all the horses’ health.

Debbie Wright-Thomasson

Debbie is our manager, and Tempus Renatus is the result of her life-long dreams, which started when she saw the movie “Miracle of the White Stallions” as a young girl. Holding a Master’s of Science in nutrition, she is passionate about maximizing health and gardening.