September 2020

Training Philosophy


What is Classical Dressage? Classical dressage is the centuries-old art of training horses both for the battlefield and for the artistic expression in the royal and imperial courts. This art was developed by observing horses in nature and using their natural movements to develop the horse’s strength and flexibility holistically so that [...]

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August 2020

Mastering the Basics: the Circle and How to Ride it Without an Arena


Circles, circles, circles... Dressage seems to be completely obsessed with the circle. Yet that is the figure that frustrates more riders than perhaps any other. Why is the circle so important? The main thing it does is develop the bend of the horse, stretching the tight side and strengthening the weak side. The inside hind [...]

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Origin of the Arena Letters


As promised, a short history of the arena letters. After the beginning of the 18th century in the games called "The Skirmish Turns," published in the book by Bruno Joseph de Morla in 1738, we find evidence of the use of letters, in this case in a bullfighting ring, to be able to coordinate exercises [...]

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November 2019

What Makes a Good Dressage Rider?


It's not about finding the horse of your dreams, it's about being the person of your horse's dreams. -Dressage Instructors Is it long, slender limbs and a short torso? Is it natural talent with uncanny "feel" and athleticism? Does it take starting dressage at an early age to make for a good dressage rider? While [...]

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