Year: 2013

Height: 15h

Breeder: Tempus Renatus LLC

Mare Family: Presciana

“Bella” is our first home-bred Lipizzan, and she is a magnificent young mare. She has inherited her sire’s gentle temperament and most of his looks, but she is loving like her dam, Seraphina. We are just starting her career under saddle and hopefully in harness as well, and we look forward to seeing how she develops with time!

Conversano Ivey

Bana Conversano-83

499 Conversano XX-6
2568 Pluto Formas


698 Neapolitano IV Rexana

Seraphina (bay)

Siglavy XI-6 (black)

Siglavy XI
92 Conversano XXII

Con Bria

Neapolitano XIX-5
Siglavy Capriola VII-4