About Tenacious Acres

Tenacious Acres Restorative Agriculture is our outreach program geared toward growing specialty crops and educating the community in restorative gardening techniques. Our approach incorporates the use of endangered breeds of goats and poultry, such as the San Clemente Island Goat, Tufted Roman Geese, and Buff Orpington Ducks. We’re excited to partner with Farmer Foodshare to sell some of our produce! We’ll be selling dried herbs and other farm products through our website, and we’re in the process of developing online course and in-person workshops. Many of these courses will be available at a discount for those who struggle with food security, and produce that isn’t sold will be donated to local food banks.

Join us for our regular farm tours to learn more about what we’re doing! These farm tours support our programs and overall mission.