Horse Training Programs

We believe strongly in adhering to classical dressage principles for all horses and riders, using knowledge in biomechanics to help horse and rider become the best they can be. We believe that horse and rider should be treated as athletes and that training should be a preventative against lameness and rider pain, not a cause.

By using classical principles, we aim to bring the horse to its highest ability in a positive, systematic method under saddle and in-hand that results in flexibility and lightness with controlled power. If your goal is to reach the upper levels classically, we have a program for you. If your goal is just to improve your horse’s way of going and your relationship with your horse, we have a program for you. We welcome horses of all levels, from un-started to FEI.

*NOTE: As of 2022, we are unable to provide training board until we are further along in our infrastructure. However, we hope to offer limited training board again in the near future.

Partial Training Board $960.00

Includes 3 rides a week

Full Training Board $1200.oo

Includes 5 rides a week

“Back to work” Rehabilitation Program

Upon Request