Farm tours

Join us for a farm tour to get to know our animals! Meet our Lipizzans and learn more about the heritage breeds and the gardening and agriculture that surrounds them. We are working to expand our farm offerings to include sensory paths, forest walks, and more! If you are interested in getting involved in these expansions, check out how you can get involved through volunteering, sponsorships, or donations. To sign up for tours, check out our events calendar.

Private Events

Looking to have a personalized experience? Contact us about a personalized tour and/or picnic! You may reserve a special experience at our new facility, using the picturesque backdrop of our rustic bridge, rolling mountain meadows, enchanting forest trails, and more. To make your event extra special, you can reserve use of one of the animals, such as packing with the ponies, for an additional fee. Contact us to reserve a time for your private experience!

Photography/videography venue

Use our facilities for your next video or photo shoot! Our picturesque property in Black Mountain has a range of offerings that continue to grow as we develop our new facility. Check out our listings through Giggster and Peerspace to book a time for photography and videography!