Connecting Environmental Stewardship to the Equestrian Art

Part of caring for the horses includes caring for their environment. We are passionate about holistic farm management, using partner animals and gardens for enrichment and property management. Our San Clemente Island Goats assist with weed control and forest management, and our poultry eat nuisance bugs and pests. The horses also play an important part, creating a carbon sink in the soil through their waste. We have several gardens planted around the property, including a blueberry patch, a greenhouse, and more. Our goal is to be as green as possible in the near future, and we are looking at ways we can utilize solar energy for our electricity needs as well as reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. However, we also believe that a working farm can be beautiful and picturesque, and we hope to capture this efficient beauty in our facility’s set-up. We have several projects in the works, including setting up agroforestry and hydroponics. Stay tuned for more updates!