With patience and commitment, you can achieve your goals regardless of your riding skill or confidence level. We welcome riders of all levels, from beginner to FEI. We welcome sensitive and unconventional pairings, including sensitive horses, gaited horses, western dressage riders, eventers, and even endurance riders.

  • Dressage

  • Jumping

  • Working Equitation

  • Mounted Games

  • Side Saddle

  • Driving

  • Garrocha

  • Longeing

  • Work in-hand

  • Long-lines / ground-driving

  • Long-reining – advanced horses

  • Seat lessons on the longe

Private Lesson – $65.00

45 minute Class

Group Lesson (4-6 riders) $45.00 ea.

1 hour Class

Ride our horses for an extra fee

Lower level horse – $15.00

Upper level horse – $25.00

Meet our School Horses

Training & Board

We believe strongly in adhering to classical dressage principles for all horses and riders, using knowledge in biomechanics to help horse and rider become the best they can be. We believe that horse and rider should be treated as athletes and that training should be a preventative against lameness and rider pain, not a cause.

By using classical principles, we aim to bring the horse to its highest ability in a positive, systematic method under saddle and in-hand that results in flexibility and lightness with controlled power. If your goal is to reach the upper levels classically, we have a program for you. If your goal is just to improve your horse’s way of going and your relationship with your horse, we have a program for you.

While dressage is our main focus, we also use working equitation, driving, and other modalities to improve the horse’s learning experience. We welcome horses of all levels, from unstarted to FEI.

Full Service Board

forage-based, whole food diet, turnout, SoftStall mats, covered arena, heated wash racks, climate controlled tack room, and much more!

Partial Training Board $960.00

Includes 3 rides a week

Full Training Board $1200.oo

Includes 5 rides a week

“Back to work” Rehab Program

Ask about our board and special rehabilitation services for horses that need multiple sessions daily in order to safely return to work.

Getaways and Retreats

Come for a week or weekend of intensive learning, either on your horse or one of our school horses. We offer organized weekend retreats with different topics of focus, or you can privately book a week or weekend for intensive education. We hope to have a yurt village in the near future to allow for visitors to stay onsite and enjoy local foods for an all-inclusive experience.