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There is a saying in dressage that it isn’t about the Grand Prix, but all about the basics. These fundamental pieces can make all the difference in riding and training. Mastering the basics may seem boring on the surface, but it is a vital and life-long task in the pursuit of dressage.

October 2020

Mastering the Basics: the Rising Trot


"Rise and fall with the leg on the wall." Many riders who went through Pony Club learned this ditty for remembering their posting diagonals. But why does it matter which posting diagonal we use? There are plenty of riders who have no idea which diagonal they are on, and their horses seem happy. So what [...]

Mastering the Basics: the Rising Trot2022-02-20T20:07:01+00:00

Mastering the Basics: Groundwork the Classical Way


For many people, their riding and groundwork are almost two separate disciplines. Most people associate groundwork with natural horsemanship, which brings to mind images of rope halters and specialty whips. While those can be useful tools for certain people, classical dressage also has its own method of groundwork: the work in-hand. While most people associate [...]

Mastering the Basics: Groundwork the Classical Way2022-02-20T20:07:18+00:00


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