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December 2019

Conversano Ivey “Toby”


Year: 2003 Height: 15h Breeder: Nyla Naniot Mare Family: Gidrane Offspring: Bellangela (2013) Stud Fee: $1500 (Live foal guarantee) "Toby" is our main Lipizzan stallion standing at stud. He is a classic "airs" type Lipizzan stallion, built and talented for the airs above the ground. He is [...]

Conversano Ivey “Toby”2020-01-06T03:02:39+00:00

Meet the Kangal Dog


The Kangal dog is an ancient breed of livestock guardian dog bred over centuries to protect the flocks of shepherds in what is now modern-day Turkey. The Kangal is an intelligent, noble and hardy breed more than capable of fulfilling its job as a guardian. The Kangal and the other livestock guardian breeds of Turkey [...]

Meet the Kangal Dog2020-08-25T17:38:23+00:00

November 2019

What Makes a Good Dressage Rider?


It's not about finding the horse of your dreams, it's about being the person of your horse's dreams. -Dressage Instructors Is it long, slender limbs and a short torso? Is it natural talent with uncanny "feel" and athleticism? Does it take starting dressage at an early age to make for a good dressage rider? While [...]

What Makes a Good Dressage Rider?2019-12-23T22:03:42+00:00

Educational Resource Shoutout


As horse owners, one of the best things we can do for our horses is become educated in their care. Luckily, in this day and age, there are many options for education, from university courses to YouTube videos. nouvelleresearch.teachable.com I wanted to give a shout-out to a new educational opportunity by Dr. Tom Schell, DVM, [...]

Educational Resource Shoutout2020-04-07T14:22:37+00:00

Developing the Equine Athlete


Personal training is one of the fastest growing businesses out there because of all the help that people need in avoiding muscle imbalances and developing strength and flexibility. All around us, we see gyms and fitness clubs for people to work out at. As someone who is finishing their personal training certification, I feel very [...]

Developing the Equine Athlete2019-11-20T01:32:05+00:00

Our Amazing Photographers!


It's so easy to forget about the person behind the camera, the artist responsible for the beautiful pictures. Try taking these pictures yourself, and you see quickly how difficult it is! I've managed personally only a few of the wonderful images on this website; the rest are thanks to the efforts of several brilliant photographers. [...]

Our Amazing Photographers!2019-11-20T00:50:33+00:00

Rider Rehabilitation


How many of us who ride horses struggle with some joint problem or another? How many of us have managed to get ourselves hurt, either with something horse related or with something anything but? A Need for Injury Rehabilitation Modern society sees somewhere around 80% of the population struggling with back pain, whether they are [...]

Rider Rehabilitation2020-09-01T01:29:43+00:00

Our New Website!


We are also adding more pages for information on each individual horse. This gives everyone more information if they wish to purchase a foal from us or if they are wanting to get a foal in utero or a custom breeding. More pictures and information will come with time; we intend to make something [...]

Our New Website!2020-09-14T01:27:12+00:00
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